Superama, Walmart Mexico

Superama is a leading Mexican supermarket, offering a wide variety of product categories such as fruits and vegetables, meats, seafood, wines and spirits, cleaning, home, and hygiene and health.


Superama Groceries App (previous version)


Lead UX Designer


  • Enable users to order and buy groceries on a mobile device
  • Highlight options for both local store pick-up and home delivery
  • Create an on-brand and seamless user experience, from the initial concept stage to completion in just 12 weeks


Approach & Activities

I emphasized understanding and precision-of-management across the development of this universal app. I led IA workshops and multiple design sessions with multidisciplinary teams in Mexico and the U.S. and also prioritized clear, heavily annotated iPhone and iPad device wireframes for all internal and client reviews.

  • Persona creation
  • User flows
  • Interaction design
  • Wireframes



Challenges & Lessons

  • Organizing the information architecture for multiple food and product categories into an intuitive, easy-to-use mobile navigation was challenging -- especially in an aggressive 12-week project


My bilingual fluency and understanding of Mexican culture added value here, in addition to my traditional lead UX role:

  • The app was designed in Spanish, so I worked to keep translation and context errors to a minimum as content evolved
  • Working remotely with a team in Mexico, and understanding business and cultural needs
  • Testing with real users and understanding the nuance of their responses despite language and cultural differences
  • Communicating regularly with my U.S. team to educate and help all to navigate these challenges and nuances



While the Superama app has evolved and been redesigned since based on our initial work, my team and I gave them a solid, competitive entry point into the mobile grocery market.